Why TransitTech Is So Vital to Struggling Public Transportation Systems

Ride sharing has swept transportation systems over the past decade — bringing convenience, but additionally congestion, inequities, and political fights.

Now a latest category of transportation networking is emerging: TransitTech.

It makes up a category of firms which can be using tech to assist maximize public transit systems. So what does TransitTech seem like post-pandemic?

Tiffany Chu joins Katherine and Stephen this week to debate the trail forward for transit. Tiffany is the co-founder and CEO of Remix, which was recently acquired by Via for $100 million.

We’ll also dig into a latest study from Carnegie Mellon University that shows Uber and Lyft are increasing external societal and environmental costs by as much as 35% compared to non-public automotive driving. 

We’ll wrap up with a discussion about how transportation will play into upcoming laws on climate and infrastructure. 

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