Whole Life Expo 2012  –
November 9 – 11, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Admission (tickets available at the front lobby of the MTCC):
Lecture Pass $15 (Admits One to all Lectures, Exhibits, and Stages all 3 days)
Exhibit Pass $10 (Admits One to All Exhibits and Stages all 3 days)
What:  Whole Life Expo, Canada’s largest showcase of natural health, alternative medicine, and green living returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for its 26th year! This year’s event returns with its biggest showcase ever—featuring more than 200 exhibits and 75+ presentations over three days. Visitors will be able to shop for the latest in natural health and beauty  products, sample the latest superfoods, explore a more natural approach to health care, or browse the show floor for unique finds and interesting holiday gifts. Listed are just a few exhibitor highlights to be covered over the course of three days.

Always a favourite at the Expo, visitors gather at the food market to taste the latest in what’s delicious and good for you.  Attendees can enjoy a hot vegan meal followed by an organic tea or coffee, reenergize with wild blueberry juice, taste vegetarian dim sum, and snap up some healthy gluten-free energy bars.  Sampling is king!  Try organic cheeses and dairy products, visit a natural juice bar, or sample superfoods.  The wise shopper will take advantage of show specials to stock the pantry with items that deliver natural goodness like freeze-dried wheatgrass juice, raw chocolate, vegan and organic salad dressings, hemp butter, gluten-free coconut flour, chia seeds, goji berries, maca, camu camu, exotic honeys, a selection of Himalayan salts, and pumpkin seed oil – a must for improved digestion.

Anti-Aging, Aromatherapy and All-Natural Skin and Body Care

Explore a natural approach to skin and body care.  Discover the holistic benefits of all-natural cosmetics and aromatherapy at Whole Life Expo. Discuss the latest in anti-aging cosmetics and skin care lines. Shop for organic lip conditioners, essential oils, organic moisturizers and body washes, mineral-based masks, and herbal shampoos, hair oils and organic hair colour. Step away from the world of traditional chemical-laden cosmetics and fragrance-loaded skin care products and consult with companies like Pure+Simple, Tranzitions Salon, Locsuria Natural Hair Care System, Graff Lymphatic / Wild Carrot Botanical, Eli’s Body Shop and Cocoon Apothecary.

The International Crafts and Gifts Market:  Unique household items and gifts!
The International Crafts and Gifts Market offers an array of unique gift ideas from around the world.  See beautiful handmade jewelry including stone, Peruvian and Chakra jewelry.  Browse the booths and discover organic fashion wear for women, Alpaca wool products, healing stones, chakra essential oils, crystals, and beeswax candles.  Create a special holiday gift bag. Hot items at this year’s Expo include gift certificates for a massage, spa treatment or meditation classes, a mini-vacation from Club Cranberry, all-natural face creams and bath & beauty products, CDs, books, herbal teas, organic chocolate, lip balms, imported olive oils, organic spices, and more.

The Body, Mind and Spirit Connection:  Explore Healing Disciplines and Health Services

Learn first hand about stress relief, pain management, better body alignment, and pure relaxation from the experts at Whole Life Expo.  Take time out for a reflexology foot treatment, indulge in an Indian head massage, experience Reiki, have a chiropractic wellness examination, experience touch therapy, hot stone shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, and other healing disciplines. Watch a Qi Gong demonstration, get a posture check, or learn more about Biophoton Light Therapy Hear exhibitors explain the inner workings of their disciplines and watch or participate in demonstrations as they take place throughout the show.  This year exhibitors include Wu & Yeung Qi Gong Wellness Institute, Reflexology Association of Canada, Shiatsu Society of Ontario, New Millennium Living, Dynamic Wellness Solutions, Vita Health Clinic, and The Well Adjusted Chiropractic Centre.

Green Living!
Learn more on how to do your part for the environment.  Talk to the experts about carbon filtration water systems, effective green cleaning products, the latest in full spectrum LED lighting, organic bedding, and more.
Exhibitions include displays from wellness providers with the opportunity to meet top health care professionals and company representatives who will be available to answer questions and conduct demonstrations over the three day period.
More: 75+ stage presentations over 3 days. Visitors will have access to an impressive variety of experts and health professionals who will empower them to take an active role in managing their own personal health care and improve overall well-being. The following speaker descriptions are just a sample of the topics to be covered over the course of three days.

Speaker highlights:
•       The New Science of Anti-Aging Medicine with Dr. Randy Knipping, Bsc, MD, CCFP. Dr. Knipping will discuss the latest anti-aging strategies including: telomerase activators, supplements that target inflammation, bioidentical HRT, strategic fitness, stress reduction, and more.
•       The Body Shape Diet – Secret to Perfect Health with Dr. Cass Ingram will discuss eating right for your body shape. Dr Cass believes that your ideal diet depends on what body type you are.
•       Living Foods: Boost Your Body’s Healing with Brenda Cobb, Director of the Living Food Institute and cancer survivor. Attendees will learn how organic raw and living foods help the body heal from any disease, no matter how serious, and the five most important things you can do to create good health right now!
•       Emergency Beauty: Natural Ayurvedic Solutions for Skin Damage with Kristen Ma, Ayurvedic skin expert and Toronto’s “Best Facialist in the City” as named by Toronto Life. What natural beauty ingredients and treatments are best to help prevent rosacea, pigmentation, premature aging and oxidative stress, while restoring the skin’s health?
•       Drugs for ADHD? Are You Nuts? With Dr. Zoltan Rona, B.Sc., MD. In Canada, the number of suicides, seizures, addictions and deaths among children are escalating and point to an increase in the prescription of ADHD drugs. Is Health Canada on the hot seat? How can we protect our children from the toxic effects of ADHD drugs? Concerned parents can explore evidence and solutions presented by Dr. Rona.
•       Natural Solutions to Inflammation and Pain: Open Forum Expert Panel with Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD; Joseph Gabriele, PhD; John Dempster, ND; Mike Hannalah, RPh, BSc Phm, FACA. Attendees can hear different points of view on how chronic inflammation harms the body and what the latest effective tools are to get relief. (Moderated by author and nutritionist Julie Daniluk, RHN.)
•       Superfoods and Healing Strategies to Slow Aging and Reverse Degeneration. Renita Rietz will discuss the wisdom of our ancestors and how the complexity of indigenous nutrition hold the keys to wellness. This is part of a trend toward looking back to what our ancestors ate, and how they processed their food, for the keys to maximum power, endurance, and vitality.
•       Fear Creates Disease – How to Prevent and Reverse it presented by Dr. Brian Clement, author  and  leader in the raw foods movement. Most health professionals focus on the dietary and environmental causes of disease, but the psychological aspect is equally important. Brian will discuss how the mind can actually kill you or cure you, depending on how well you look after it.
•       Learn the Secrets to Better Heart Health with David Rowland, PhD, author of The Nutritional Bypass, registered Nutritional Consultant and founder of the Canadian Nutrition Institute.  Learn the secrets to better heart health as David Rowland answers some key questions regarding the nutritional approach to cardiovascular health as an alternative to drugs and surgery.
•       Save Your Thyroid – Save Your Life with John Koveos, B.App.Sc, nutritionist. Thyroid dysfunction is a modern epidemic and lack of good nutrition is a major cause. Learn the key nutrition factors that play an important role in healthy thyroid function, as well as the latest breaking research on weight loss, energy and stress support.


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