The Future of E-Bikes: Nicolai/Gates/NuVinci Concept Electric Bike
Breaking news from the Taipei Cycle Show going on now: Checkout this concept electric bike from Nicolai/Gates/NuVinci! It is a bike that has been designed around the new Bosch electric bike kit that positions the motor to provide assistance at the cranks, the Gates belt drive that eliminates oily chains (and maintenance), and the NuVinci “gearless” rear hub drivetrain. All I have to say is it’s clean, simple, and I want to ride one!

Let me break down a few features that makes this concept bike so cool (and check out all the pictures!):

  • The battery and motor are positioned low and in the center of the bike so it should handle well.
  • The wheelbase of the bike is like a traditional bike so it will handle well.
  • The frames has a lower top tube to make it easier to get on the bicycle.
  • The motor assists through the cranks so the motor can take advantage of the gears of the bike and not “bog down” too much on the hills.
  • The belt drive does not require any oil and will be less likely to collect dirt. No squeaky chain, no oil on the pants and less bike maintenance!
  • The NuVinci rear hub drivetrain makes shifting the “gears” super easy and you will never “slip” a gear. Here is more info on the NuVinci drivetrain.
  • All the cables are integrated into the frame; slick!

Well this is still a concept e-bike so no word on availability yet, but the estimated price is €2,600 – €3,200 ($3,680 – $4,530).
Here are some more pictures of this cutting edge electric bike and below is the official press release with more details on these innovative companies:


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