An Action Plan for Growing District Energy Systems Across Canada
June 17, 2011
This research report summarizes findings from extensive consultation with over 200 energy and policy stakeholders across Canada. These respondents each provided their own perspectives and insights on the future of District Energy (DE), perceived and existing challenges for developing and/or expanding DE systems and the most effective means of overcoming these challenges for the industry to grow into the future.
Overwhelmingly, participants held positive and often bold visions for DE, with almost all participants believing that the DE industry is poised for significant future growth. Yet, participants also identified many challenges to be overcome before this growth can be realized. These challenges were grouped in five broad areas: knowledge, leadership, economic, human resources and sustainability challenges, and are interconnected. That is, one challenge contributes to the others, as DE systems are considered, tested, adopted and managed. Moreover, underlying all of these challenges was a general lack of knowledge about DE and its ability to offer community energy solutions. In response to these challenges, this research report lays out an action plan to expand DE in Canada, as well as identifies targeted actions for the Canadian District Energy Association to support the DE Industry across the nation.


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