Featured Expert: 
Frances Edmonds 
Director of Environmental Programs,
Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.
James Watson President, Beausoleil Sustainability Solutions 

Have you ever:
  • Dreamed of having real strong data on sustainability metrics without the work of getting it?
  • Wanted to model what changing “this or that” would do to your organization’s footprint?
  • Been frightened of your IT team when thinking of talking to them about this?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then this session of SPRiNG is for you. 
Come hear Frances Edmonds, HP’s Director of Environmental Programs, introduce a dialogue on the role that we play in driving a Green IT agenda, and what’s in it for us!
Complimentary coffee, tea and continental breakfast.
If this is your first time attending a SPRiNG event, please contact James Watson prior to registering (contact information below).


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