#SolarChat is held on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST.
#SolarChat welcomes solar and renewable industry experts and consumers who are “solar curious” to discuss relevant issues like solar energy, solar PV, solar hot water, solar pool heating, and related subjects. The Twitter chat provides an opportunity to connect homeowners and qualified installation professionals, to demonstrate the affordability and environmental impact of all types of solar solutions, and to educate consumers on this emerging field. “We believe in the power of solar to change the world,” says Raina Russo, moderator of #SolarChat and CEO/co-founder of EcoOutfitters.net. “We hope #SolarChat will further advance EcoOutfitters’ goal of making solar a reality for every American home and business.”

For those new to Twitter, a hashtag (#) is an easy way to find and follow people who are tweeting about a certain topic. #SolarChat has a simple mission: Curious consumers, energy experts, and installation professionals can tune into Twitter at the designated chat time to share advice and resources, weigh in on discussion topics, pose questions or concerns, and work together to advance solar awareness.

Moderator Raina Brett Russo (@EcoOutfitters
president and co-founder of EcoOutfitters.net


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