SAIT gets $800K grant for green building research lab

May 22, 2012
Ottawa has given SAIT Polytechnic almost $800,000 to fund a new lab for its research into eco-friendly construction technologies.

The grant from the federal College-Industry Innovation Fund will let the school boost its Green Building Technologies program, which “advances the environmental building movement through the design, construction and measurement of Net Zero Energy Homes,” SAIT said in a release.

Such buildings produce as much energy as they consume while optimizing water consumption, indoor air quality, and reducing greenhouse gases and waste, the school said.
Working with Avalon Master Builder, SAIT has built two homes on its main northwest campus to showcase the new technologies. One of the houses is now located in Altadore in southwest Calgary.
“The new infrastructure will capitalize on SAIT’s expertise in Green Building Technologies and will be a magnet for new and expanded industry collaborations,” said Dr. Alex Zahavich, SAIT’s director of applied research and innovation services.
The school plans to have the new lab — which will be constructed from reclaimed shipping containers — built along 16th Avenue N.W by September.
It will include a green roof and collection basin for research on rain water harvesting and space for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, the school said.
“Our focus on Net Zero, energy positive building design, advanced materials, efficient construction processes, architectural ecology, and renewable home energies will play a critical part in the transformation of the residential building industry,” said David Silburn, research associate for green building technologies at SAIT.


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