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#foe2012 @marsdd   June 8, 2012 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.   MaRS Discovery District
The $5 trillion global energy industry—the largest and most pervasive technology sector—is currently undergoing a major transformation, as energy generation, distribution and use are being revitalized the world over.

Ontario: A global leader in the clean energy industry

In this quickly evolving sector, Ontario leads the pack in North America as the first jurisdiction to deploy smart meters to help households and small business shift when they use energy, and to launch an ambitious Green Energy Act, creating a strong manufacturing, service and financial presence in the clean energy sector.

2012 Future of Energy summit

In co-operation with local and international energy leaders, the Future of Energy summit will build on the progress we’ve made to kick-start Ontario’s next steps in the clean energy action plan:

  • Sustainable job creation: Creating jobs at home by exporting our clean energy technology and expertise to international markets.
  • Global market leadership: Remaining global leaders by staying at the forefront of the clean energy conversation.

The summit will focus on five main themes:

  1. Using the power of data: When it comes to Ontario’s energy sector, data is power too. Ontario’s goal is to leverage existing smart meter data, as well as the plethora of new data that is made available through smart grid, to stimulate innovation and economic growth. By creating the right investment and innovation environment, we can develop leading data management services and expertise for export; enable consumer choice; and deliver applications that power the “smart home.” Ultimately, these data-driven smart grid technologies will provide all participants in the energy sector with more information to help improve their operations, and in the case of homeowners, to highlight the optimum times for consuming power, generating power and charging their home appliances or electric vehicles when it’s most economical and efficient for the grid.
  2. Designing the grid of the future: In Ontario, smart grids are a key part of its ambitious efforts to integrate renewable energy technologies into its distribution system, as well as build on its leading edge smart metering platform. To this end, Ontario is generating a template that international jurisdictions are closely watching. This panel will discuss the key features, technologies and requirements for automating and optimizing Ontario’s grid. Success will mean both immediate local jobs and sustainable job growth as we share best practices with export markets that have similar infrastructure challenges.
  3. Combining different energy sources and uses: Dramatic efficiency improvements can be achieved by merging different energy sources to balance supply and demand. By breaking down the silos of natural gas distribution, the electricity grid and electric vehicles, we can find unique ways of tackling existing challenges and opening up new economic opportunities. Delivery of efficient and reliable service, security, standards and regulatory barriers are some of the issues we need to address when viewing energy with a more holistic system approach. This panel will discuss synergies between electric vehicles, the electrical grid and natural gas distribution, and the energy storage and economic benefits of combining them.
  4. Emerging energy generation and storage technologies: New methods of capturing, and storing energy will create large economic opportunities as countries around the world update their infrastructure. Ontario entrepreneurs in the energy sector are at the forefront of these developments, taking a leadership role that will ensure Canada maximizes the economic development potential. This panel will include some of Ontario’s leading energy generation and energy storage innovations.
  5. Supporting the commercialization of new energy technology: This panel will explore key public and private sector initiatives that are helping to commercialize Canadian energy innovation. It will include discussions around sources of capital, as well as pilot demonstration programs.


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