Livac USA, Inc. Announces Breakthrough Technology Award and Agreement with Premier, Inc. for the LiVac Retractor System

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Livac USA, Inc. (“Livac“) has been awarded a national group purchasing agreement for a Latest Technology Breakthrough with Premier, Inc. (“Premier“). Effective September 19, 2022 through September 19, 2025, the brand new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to benefit from special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for the LiVac Retractor System (“LiVac Retractor“), within the product category of Endo-Mechanical Products.

GPO agreements play a fundamental role in Livac’s commercialization strategy, and the present Premier approval will enable Livac to bring the LiVac Retractor to more patients. Livac is devoted to minimizing trauma caused to patients during surgery and to improving and enabling recent surgical techniques,” said Dr Anabela Correia, Livac’s Vice President & Managing Director.

The LiVac® Retractor System is a single-use soft silicone device that uses suction to create a vacuum to hitch the liver and diaphragm. Unlike most other surgical retractors, the LiVac Retractor doesn’t require a dedicated surgical incision for insertion and placement. The LiVac Retractor is inserted through an existing port incision and placed between either lobe of the patient’s liver, and even the spleen.

The LiVac Retractor is the one retractor in a position to gently lift solid organs akin to the liver and spleen using suction – reducing patient trauma, postoperative pain, surgical times, and overall procedure costs. The LiVac Retractor could be utilized in all upper gastrointestinal surgeries, including laparoscopic, robotic, and revisional surgeries. The LiVac Retractor is backed by clinical evidence showing reduced surgical treatment times, reduced patient post-op pain and pain medication, one less scar, and as an enabling device for complex robotic and revisional procedures.

Gentle organ retraction with the LiVac Retractor provides significant benefits to each surgeon and patient outcomes because the device doesn’t cause any tissue or organ damage, sits outside the surgical field, requires one less incision, and doesn’t clash with robot arms. The LiVac Retractor has been utilized in greater than 2,000 clinical procedures with no adversarial events.

We’re honoured to be recognized by Premier’s Technology Breakthrough program and are excited to make the Livac Retractor available to Premier physicians for the good thing about patients undergoing all upper gastrointestinal surgery and, specifically, bariatric robotic and revisional surgeries, where the LiVac Retractor has demonstrated clinical and surgical benefits,” stated Tom Lucas, Chief Business Officer Livac USA Inc.

Premier is a number one healthcare improvement company, uniting an alliance of roughly 4,400 U.S. hospitals and 250,000 other providers to rework healthcare. With integrated data and analytics, collaboratives, supply chain solutions, consulting and other services, Premier enables higher care and outcomes at a lower cost.

About Livac USA, Inc.

Livac Holding Co Limited (“Livac Group“) heads an progressive Australian surgical devices group of corporations dedicated to the event and commercialization of novel devices that minimize patient trauma caused during surgery and improve patient and healthcare outcomes. Livac USA Inc. is a Delaware subsidiary of Livac Group.

The US market is the key focus for Livac Group, where Livac has appointed US-based warehouse, marketing, and sales resources. For more information, please visit

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Phone: +1 612-467-9186

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