Join us for RecycleDrive 2012!

As an advocate for eco-friendly vehicles and a greener environment, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) believes that environmental education needs to be more than just conversation and awareness. That’s why we’re inviting both Members and non-members to join us for RecycleDrive 2012! Every automotive do-it-yourselfer is bound to have some used motor oil, dead batteries or bald/ripped tires cluttering up their workspace, and normally, disposing of these items responsibly comes with a nominal fee.* But from October 15-21, participating Approved Automotive Repair Service (AARS) facilities will be accepting and disposing of them FREE of charge! There’s never been a more affordable time to be environmentally conscious.

Ontario Tire StewardshipThis is the second year CAA’s Autogreen initiative has teamed up with Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) in order to promote this progressive eco-initiative. According to the OTS website, “this province-wide scrap tire solution for On-road and Off-road tires supplied into the Ontario market, will divert scrap tires away from burning and landfilling to 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) processing and uses. Launched on September 1, 2009, the program will eliminate the “disposal fee” that consumers currently pay to get rid of their old tires – whether or not they are buying new ones — making it easy and free for Ontarians to get their old tires recycled by dropping them off at registered Collectors across Ontario.”
CAA Green Power BatteryWhy are we doing it? It’s simple. We’re always looking for new ways to reduce landfill consumption and remind the community about how integral automotive recycling is to the overall health of our planet; spreading awareness for fantastic initiatives like the Ontario Tire Stewardship and Used Tires Program is a large part of that. Not to mention educating the public on recycled, eco-friendly replacements for their tires, batteries and oil! As a bonus, the AARS facility location that collects the most tires can designate a local school to receive $20,000 worth of products made from recycled tires and greenery (trees/shrubs/lawn) to re-green a school building, grounds or play space of their choice. Could your school benefit from some added greenery? This is the perfect way to turn any schoolyard into a lush, vibrant and eco-friendly environment for students, teachers and parents alike.
Want to nominate your school? Read the rules and regulations and click here to fill out your registration form.
Our main objective is to influence a positive and significant change in driving behavior in order to reduce Ontario’s environmental footprint. Every journey begins with a single step, so visit our participating AARS garages to learn more about the Autogreen RecycleDrive program and other environmentally responsible ways to recycle end-of-life materials.
*There’s no charge for recycling up to four used tires any time during the year. A nominal fee applies to recycle oil and batteries outside of event dates. We will not accept oil that is potentially contaminated, mixed or used in farm equipment. CAA SCO reserves the right to refuse oil we deem unacceptable. CAA operates RecycleDrive as a non-profit public service


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