Japan shocks world, replaces nukes with solar
May 5, 2012, closed the last nuke in Japan today. The most important factor in speeding the change from nukes to solar & renewables, is to eliminate any land use policies which prevent installing wind mills and solar. @john_lamark

The corporations control the puppet elected officials and so refuse to allow wind mills and solar housing projects in many areas. Germany had to fight for 20 years to change the land use planning laws, to allow home owners to install solar. Once Germany removed the laws against home owners being able to install huge amounts of solar cells on their land, suddenly there was a GOLD RUSH into solar power in Germany. This made the Germany economy the strongest economy in Europe during the 2008 economic crash. Solar & renewable energy projects must be given priority to move California towards 100% solar & renewables. If you want to help expand solar power in Japan or California, then install even one solar panel each year on your house. Free yourself from nuke, gas, oil & dirty coal. If Germany can achieve 100% solar & renewables by 2022, which they say they will do, then so can California & Japan. This is part #33 of a film on Japan & the transition it is going thru from nuclear power to Solar & renewables from 2011 to 2022. All sections are labeled with the name Cherry Blossom solar. Solar ate the Nukes.



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