Elizabeth May says she has an obligation to be of service as she launches her bid to reclaim the leadership of the federal Green Party.

May, who quit as leader of the Greens in 2019, is running on a joint ticket with Jonathan Pedneault, an authority on crisis situations who has investigated abuses in war zones.

Launching their campaign today in Sidney, B.C., each pledged to appoint the opposite as deputy leader in the event that they are announced because the winner, and each promised to get co-leadership enshrined within the party’s structure.

May, one in all two Green MPs sitting within the House of Commons, says the party has been in disarray and apologized for mistakes she made up to now.

The opposite 4 candidates to throw their hat into the ring include Sarah Gabrielle Baron, who ran as an Independent against former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole in last 12 months’s election, and Simon Gnocchini-Messier, a federal public servant who ran for the Greens in Hull-Aylmer, Que.

Anna Keenan and Chad Walcott also joined the race on a joint ticket.


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