Green Party accuses Alberta government of misleading Canadians in Trans Mountain campaign

Based on documents obtained by Global News, Keep Canada Working is a national promoting campaign with multiple messaging arms for various parts of the country.

In January, the province told Global News $23.4 million had been spent on the Keep Canada Working campaign out the overall budget of $31 campaign committed to the campaign.

The cash goes towards television, radio, print, online and billboard ads that tout the Trans Mountain Pipeline as a project that may boost Canada’s economy and create jobs.

The Alberta government said the campaign is having an impact.

“Before the campaign began roughly 4 in 10 Canadians agreed that we’d like recent pipelines. Now that number is sort of seven in 10,” the province’s statement read.

“We proceed to see more news confirming increased awareness of the subject and that the overwhelming majority of Canadians agree our lack of pipelines is a crisis and we’d like to get pipelines built. Even a majority of our neighbours in B.C. now agree with us.”



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