Green Living Show and Automobile Journalists Association of Canada
(AJAC) announce the first-ever Canadian Green Car Award 2013.

AJAC and the Green Living Show announced their collaboration to create the annual Canadian Green Car Award. This inaugural event will recognize and reward vehicles with the greatest potential to minimize the overall impact of automobiles on the environment.

“AJAC is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Green Living Show, and the creation of the annual ‘Canadian Green Car Award—Presented by AJAC and Green Living’. The strong connection of AJAC with the Canadian car-buying public, as well as Green Living’s strong connection with environmentally-conscious consumers, will work together to achieve the goals
common to both organizations—namely, providing relevant, trustworthy and criteria-driven advice to Canadians,” says Charles Renny, President, AJAC.
Canadian auto manufacturers and distributors are invited to nominate vehicles for “Canada’s Green Car” competition. To be eligible for consideration, vehicles must be: a 2013 or 2014 model passenger car or light truck that is widely available to Canadian consumers currently or by June 30th, 2013. Vehicles can have the following technologies: battery electric; plug-in hybrid; fuel cell; non plug-in hybrid electric, gasoline internal combustion; and clean diesel.
“Each year at the Green Living Show consumers will have the opportunity to view and test drive the most innovative auto technology on the market,” says Laurie Simmonds, CEO, Green Living Enterprises. “Canadians are interested in finding the most attractive and fuel efficient solutions for their transportation needs. We are thrilled to partner with AJAC to recognize Canada’s automotive industry and celebrate the first ever Canadian Green Car award winner at the 2013 Green Living
A wide variety of manufacturers and models will be featured on the Green Living Show floor from April 12th-14th, and the Green Car Award will be presented by AJAC on the mainstage on Friday, April 12th at the Direct Energy Centre


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