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May 10, 2012  Claritin® Canada today launched Pedal for a Greener City, a month-long campaign offering free EcoCab rides and inviting Torontonians to help create a greener city by voting for one of three potential urban green projects proposed for Evergreen Brick Works.

For a limited time, Torontonians can vote for one of three projects proposed by taking a free ride on one of 12 EcoCabs sponsored by Claritin®. Each of the pedal-powered cabs is equipped with an iPad where riders can access Claritin’s Facebook page and vote for their favourite project. For the entire month of May, they can also vote for their favourite project at
The EcoCabs are all hand painted with unique one-of-a-kind designs by local artists, and the free rides are available until Wednesday, May 16 throughout downtown Toronto. One stationary pedaling structure will be located inside the Eaton Centre during the week, where shoppers can do their part and contribute to a greener Toronto. Claritin® will donate $1* for every kilometre pedaled by shoppers in addition to every kilometer clocked on every EcoCab throughout the campaign.
“We are in the business of fighting congestion, and this week that includes giving Torontonians a clear, congestion-free way to get around,” said Jean Lachance, Senior Allergy Manager, Claritin Canada. “We hope the free downtown EcoCab rides will provide some measure of relief to Torontonians and allow them to Live Claritin Clear Today.”
The winning project will be announced and activated in June 2012.
Proposed Evergreen Brick Works projects:
– Wetland Naturalization: 200 native trees and shrubs planted to surround a 15,000 square foot hybrid wetland/pond.
– Urban Pollinator Garden: A new habitat garden to support hard-working local pollinators such as Monarch butterflies and honey bees.
– Local Food Garden: A variety of raised beds and container gardens planted throughout Evergreen Brick Works’ children’s area Chimney Court, including herbs, fruit trees and vegetables.


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