CORNER LOT HOME DECOR actively encourages better environmental practices and the application of responsible methods of production.
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There is a long-term trend toward environmental alternatives that reduce pollution and contribute to the preservation of the planet’s resources. Environmental concerns are a key consideration of CORNER LOT HOME DECOR in the selection of all products. Our products are handmade from natural, non-endangered materials using production techniques that limit damage to the environment. For example, our handmade paper products are created in Thailand from the bark of the fast growing mulberry tree. The paper can be made without cutting the tree down as some of the bark can be peeled from the trunk and small branches, for paper production, while the entire tree is left standing to replenish itself the following year.

The teak used in our tables, chairs, picture frames and boxes has been recycled and reclaimed. Some pieces are over 60 years old and served as wooden roof tiles or beams on rural houses, barns and Buddhist Temples. Our recycled and reclaimed teak also comes from everyday items that were common in the last century – wooden carts, farm implements, and barrels. Every piece of teak used to create the items we bring to you has been rescued and given a new purpose thereby allowing the government supervised teak forests to grow and replenish. No two items made from the recycled wood is exactly alike, making each an original.

In keeping with our “green” approach, we only use exotic, indigenous wood primarily from mango trees, mulberry trees, palm trees, bamboo and “monkey wood” trees. All of the wood used in our products comes from fast-growing trees or from government-supervised sources to ensure these resources are not depleted. We are very proud to use officially accredited factories included on the ‘Selected Exporter List’ of the Thai government’s Department of Export Promotion.

Mainstream trade can be destructive of the environment, thereby depriving the economically disadvantaged of sustainable livelihoods, so we encourage North American customers to learn and distinguish between types of trade. We strive to inspire customers to learn about the environment and to appreciate and value our planet’s resources. CORNER LOT HOME DECOR seeks to promote a better understanding among North Americans and to follow strict guidelines with all levels of production.
Although our part is small, in partnership with you, we make a contribution where we can in the hope that future generations will enjoy the planet as we do. 


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