Computer Recycling, Laptop Recycling And Computer Donating Services

ERA has a clear mission of reducing electronic waste through computer recycling, Laptop Recycling and computer donating services. With depots throughout Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and BC. ERA provides a great way to recycle electronic equipment safely and securely.

Electronic Recycling Association ERA – It’s a whole new era

To foster a better community by reducing electronic waste and enabling the non-profit sector achieve excellence by providing for their IT needs through computer donating and computer recycling.
To reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on our environment. To reuse unwanted computers and related electronic equipment through recovery, refurbishment and computer donating services.
Refurbished computer recycling, laptops and equipment through donation to charities and non-profit community organizations.
Who We Are:
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing electronic waste through the reuse and recycling of unwanted computers, laptops and related electronic equipment.
What We Do:
Reduce Prevent unwanted computers, laptops and related electronic equipment from ending up in landfill or being prematurely disposed of or recycled when someone else can still use them.
Reuse Maximize the lifecycle of computers, laptops and related electronic equipment by recovering and refurbishing them to donate to charities and other non-profit organizations at no cost.
Recycle ensure all materials not suitable for donation, are appropriately recycled in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.


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