One Week Makes a Difference – Clean Air Commute™ is June 18 – 24.  Reduce smog. Breathe easy. Show you (Heart) Clean Air!

Celebrating its 20th year, Pollution Probe’s 2012 Clean Air Commute is a week of fun and friendly competition among workplaces to show how much they (heart) clean air! During the week, employees walk, cycle, take public transit, carpool or telecommute rather than drive to work alone. The goal is to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion, and in so doing, promote employee health and happiness.

“There are few ways in which companies can more effectively express their public commitment to clean air, to the economic vitality of their community and to a healthy lifestyle than by enabling their employees to participate in this fun-filled, week-long campaign,” says Bob Oliver, Chief Executive Officer, Pollution Probe.

Last year, approximately 19,000 employees from 189 workplaces participated, logging more than one million kilometers of travel by alternative modes of transportation and preventing the release of more than 480 tonnes of air pollutants over one week. To put this into perspective, 500,000 trees would do the same job over one year!
Launched in 1993, the Clean Air Commute was the first program of its kind in Canada. Participants track how they “clean air commute” to work by filling out an online tracking tool that totals the weight of pollutants that they keep out of the air while using alternatives to driving alone. All participants are eligible for a range of prizes and awards that celebrate individual and workplace achievement during this fun and friendly competition.
How to get involved:1.     Decide that the people in your workplace (heart) clean air.
2.     Designate a coordinator at your workplace.
3.     Your coordinator visits to register your workplace.
·       Pollution Probe provides ongoing guidance, support and encouragement for coordinators throughout the event by providing input, posters and template communications to generate excitement and employee participation.
4.     Breathe easier.

About the Clean Air CommuteTM: The Clean Air Commute is an annual event organized by Pollution Probe that encourages workplace commuters to choose more sustainable modes of transportation rather than driving to work alone. Its aim is to improve local air quality and reduce local traffic congestion, and in so doing, promote employee health and happiness.
About Pollution Probe: Pollution Probe is a Canadian non-profit charitable organization that exists to improve the health and well-being of Canadians by advancing policy that achieves positive, tangible environmental change. It works in partnership with all sectors of society to protect health by promoting clean air and clean water. Its approach is to define environmental problems through research, to promote understanding through education and to press for practical solutions through advocacy.


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