CanSIA: Ontario FIT 2.0 Submission to the Ontario Power Authority

Dear CanSIA Members and solar energy stakeholders,
I am pleased to attach CanSIA’s response to the Ontario government’s draft microFIT and FIT 2.0 Rules and Contract documents. It was submitted to the Ontario Power Authority on the evening of Friday 27th April in advance of the formal deadline for submissions. I hope you will agree that it captures the position of the CanSIA membership as expressed through the Working Groups, through e-mail, telephone and face-to-face meetings over these last three weeks.

As most of you are aware, I am relatively new to the organization, having assumed the position of President on March 22nd of this year. I am struck by the highly engaged membership who have once again showed their commitment to making the Ontario renewable energy sector a more transparent, predictable and sustainable industry here in Ontario and across Canada. Thank you to those who participated in the CanSIA consultation process. I note as well that our committed CanSIA Staff continue to work diligently through these challenging deadlines to ensure that your voices are heard.
I would like to give a special word of thanks to our Working Group Chairs:

  • David Cork, Isolara Solar Power (Chair Micro-Scale FIT Review Working Group).
  • Carlo Di Gioacchino, Northgrid Solar (Chair Small-Scale FIT Review Working Group).
  • Michael Zimerman, Group IV Solar (Chair Large-Scale FIT Review Working Group).
  • Sarah Simmons, Sussex Strategy Group (Chair Ontario PV Caucus).
  • Bob Waddell, Centrosolar Canada Inc. (Sponsoring Director of the Ontario PV Caucus).

As you know, the Working Group Chairs are volunteer CanSIA members who have gone beyond the call of duty by spending countless hours facilitating the meetings and translating the input into meaningful content for the submission.
The challenge now is to ensure that our industry’s positions are not only heard but acted upon. Beginning today and through the course of the coming weeks, we will be sitting down with government decision-makers to walk them through the recommendations contained in the CanSIA submission. We will keep you informed on a regular basis as to developments on this front.
In addition, CanSIA is committed to continually improving the services that we offer to members. Following the FIT Review, an internal assessment will be undertaken to ensure that CanSIA’s Caucus and Working Groups are structured to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible and improvements will be implemented.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions or comments about the CanSIA recommendations.
Best regards,
John Gorman
President, CanSIA


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