Canadians want less immigration, trade; more government, green energy: EKOS

In an apparent desire for a major shift from the status quo, Canadians think the country’s prosperity lies in fewer immigrants, less international trade, a bigger focus on non-carbon resources and a more active government, a new poll shows.

An EKOS poll of 2,900 Canadians surveyed in July found that an overwhelming majority think Canada would be better off in a quarter century if there was less immigration (61.7 per cent), more domestic production of goods (70.9 per cent), a bigger focus on “post-carbon technologies” (60.9 per cent) and a more active government (69.5 per cent).
Aside from immigration, which the government is expanding selectively by fast-tracking the entry of certain professionals and not others, the figures appear to point to a desire to move away from the policies […]


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