Demand for motion to limit the consequences of climate change is growing, with the summit a frequent goal for protests as activists and young people demanded quicker, stronger motion to chop emissions.

There’s also a growing swell of interest from the business and financial communities, where interest in sustainable investing products have skyrocketed over recent years to develop into a $35-trillion industry.

While there are still holdouts – primarily countries and regions with heavy economic dependence on fossil fuels – May said they should either recognize the economic potential within the transition underway or get left behind because the world moves forward.

“For people in Alberta and Saskatchewan who don’t need to see the tip of fossil fuels, it’s form of like keeping on wishing, when you were within the horse and buggy business in the sooner a part of the 1900s, that you could possibly hang on to the roles that everybody had in making wagon wheels and stabling horses and making buggy whips,” May said.

“There’s a technological revolution. The fact is that the investment money is moving to renewables. The joy around a latest green economy is unstoppable.”


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