Branham Green IT Research Initiative

Did you know that 2% of global man-made carbon emissions come directly from IT systems (essentially hardware and data centers), while 98% come from other industry sectors, primarily from operational processes that consume energy in some form, land use, and utilization of energy intensive consumer products?

Current initiatives are focused more on controlling/reducing emissions from internal IT systems and data centers, and neglect the fact that IT can be an enabler in better managing the processes that contribute significantly to the “other” 98% of emissions. The issue clearly has been that most companies lack reliable data regarding where in their processes can emissions be cost-effectively managed and how IT can be applied to help them achieve their green corporate objectives. The fact that operational processes vary across industries compounds the challenge for vendors of IT solutions looking to address these problems.
Control of carbon emissions of internal IT systems will become standard practice over the next few years (e.g., hardware manufacturers are already producing low energy consumption equipment due to increased consumer awareness and new regulations). However, the real challenge will be figuring out where IT can contribute to making operational processes more efficient in terms of reducing emissions.

What’s Included in the Branham Green IT Subscription

  • 12 monthly Green IT NOW newsletters
  • 6 bi-monthly Green IT spotlight reports (each focused on a particular industry vertical)
  • Analyst one-on-one access for Q&A

Branham is also able to undertake customized projects that meet your specific needs in Green IT and fall outside the purview of the subscription service.

Who Should Be Interested

  • Vendors currently offering Green IT solutions – gain insights for further developing strategy, tactical sales, marketing and services.
  • Vendors looking to offer Green IT solutions – gain strategic insight, comprehensive view of the market, and dynamics within core sectors to better target their offering.
  • Government/NGO/industry organizations – better understand the market dynamics, regulations, and sectoral impact of Green IT to help with policy building.

Download the subscription package to learn more about the Branham Green IT subscription service.


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