2013 Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Award Winners

The 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Gord Lambert, Executive Advisor
Sustainability and Innovation, Suncor. Gord has an impressive 30-year career, demonstrating
leadership and innovation in the resource sector, driving collaboration and the sharing of research and technology, leading to an unprecedented improvement and advancement of sustainability in the oil sands.

1. Small Business – Any Sector
The Healthy Butcher – The first certified organic meat store in Ontario.
The team: Co- Founders, Mario Fiorucci and Tara Longo with team David Meli, Jonathan
Abrahams, Paul Bradshaw, Candice Zaina, Maxine Knight, and Ryan Rudnickas.
The achievement: Unique amongst Toronto butchers, The Healthy Butcher considers its mandate
twofold: sourcing healthy, organic, locally grown meat and bringing farmers in contact with
urban dwellers who are too often disconnected from the food chain. It’s easy to forget about the beneficial ecological impact involved in supporting small, local farmers. The Healthy Butcher, the first meat store in Ontario to be certified organic, is reversing that tendency.
2. Technology, Information Technology and Telecommunications
Isabelle Doucet, IBM Canada, Ltd.
The individual: Environmental Engineer, Isabellee Doucet, IBM Canada, Bromont
Manufacturing Plant.
The achievement: Isabelle Doucet is a catalyst for environmental stewardship. Having
introduced higher standards for environmental commitment, Doucet saw that sustainability
became a priority at all levels, from encouraging employees to cycle to work to designing
products with a minimal environmental impact.
3. Retail, Packaged Goods
Staples Advantage Canada, the business-to-business division of Staples
The individual: Senior National Manager, Quality and Sustainability, Susan D’Souza.
The achievement: Staples Advantage Canada takes pride in its sustainability strategies. The
Stapes Sustainability Strategy encourages green buying habits and the recycling of electronic and printing supplies, while attempting to take advantage of every opportunity to support green
4. Transportation
Bombardier Aerospace – The Quebec-based division of Bombardier dedicated to airplane
The team: Vice-President, Hélène V. Gagnon with team Bruce Parry, Kahina Oudjehani, Fassi
Kafyeke, François Caza, and Jean Séguin.
The achievement: Bombardier Aerospace implements “Design for Environment,” a cradle-tograve
design philosophy. Given as much as 80% of a plane’s environment impact can be
determined by design decisions, the formalization of this holistic design ethos will have a major
impact on the ecological footprint of Bombardier airplanes.
5. Manufacturing
Hemlock Printers – A carbon-zero printer in Vancouver.
The individual: President and General Manager, Richard Kouwenhoven.
The achievement: Long considered Canada’s most environmental printer, Hemlock Printers has
upped the ante on environmental reporting by beginning to issue Global Reporting Initiative
Sustainability Reports. A comprehensive assessment of the company’s social, economic and
environment impact, Hemlock’s GRI also points the way to even greater gains in environmental
and social responsibility.
6. Professional Services and Consultants
Scotiabank – One of Canada’s largest banks committed to saving Canadians’ money and energy.
The team: Vice-President CSR, Kaz Flinn and team Gabriela Polanco-Sorto, Karen Mulchinock,
Deborah Clark, and Tania Travierso.
The achievement: Observing Canadians’ desire to make their homes more efficient, Scotiabank
created the EcoLiving program and Ecoliving.com. An online portal for general information,
rebates, and useful tools, EcoLiving assists Canadians at every step of their home improvement.
The site has been accompanied by a print magazine and awards event honouring home energy
7. Building, Design and Development (two awards given)
Oxford Properties Group – A global platform for real estate investment, development and
The team: Director of Sustainability, Darryl Neate and team Andrew McAllan and Lachlan
The achievement: Oxford Properties Group uses its pull as a global leader in real estate
management and development to introduce “Sustainable Intelligence”- a framework for
communicating and promoting the firm’s sustainability priorities. These priorities include
reducing greenhouse gas emissions on Oxford properties by 20% and building or developing
world-class green buildings.
Perkins+Will Canada Architects Co. – Educators and Innovators in Sustainable Design
The individual: Director of Research, Kathy Wardle.
The achievement: It’s undeniable that Perkins+Will Canada Architects values sustainability:
each of their offices are built or renovated to LEED Platinum standards. Kathy Wardle, developed and implemented a firm-wide Sustainable Design Initiative, which establishes the firm’s vision to become an internationally recognized leader in sustainable design. Through this national leadership role, Kathy co-managed a network of firm-wide green team leaders and helped establish strategic sustainability direction for the firm’s 22 offices worldwide.
8. Food and Agriculture
Boreal Agrominerals – An Ontario-based producer of organic agromineral fertilizers.
The individual: CEO, John Slack.
The achievement: As the demand for organic produce increases, the demand for an effective
fertilizer and soil enhancer that is also acceptable to organic certification boards also increases.
Spanish River Carbonatite meets these criteria. Boreal Agrominerals sources this unusual and
valuable product from deposits near Subury, Ontario.
9. Resource Sectors: Oil, Gas, Forestry and Mining
Stratos Inc.- a management consulting firm that specializes in environment, social, and
economic sustainability.
The team: Stratos and The Mining Association of Canada—President, Stephanie Meyer and
team George Greene, Michael van Aanhout, Jane Porter and Vicky Weekes, Stratos. President,
Pierre Gratton, and team Ben Chalmers and Tara Shea, The Mining Association of Canada.
The achievement: Stratos Inc. with the Mining Association of Canada developed an initiative,
Toward Sustainable Mining that aims to manage risk in mining facilities. TSM focuses on the
management of tailings, greenhouse gases, and crisis situations, safety, and biodiversity
conservation. In the seven years since its first launch, public reporting in these areas has increased substantially.
Honourable Mentions:
1. Small Business – Any Sector
Living Wall Concepts, Inc. – an Ontario-based company that develops green walls for office
The individual: President, Christopher Curtis, Living Wall Concepts
The achievement: Living Wall Concepts makes wall installations for office environments from
living plants. A green face to an energy efficient building, these living walls also boost employee productivity, creativity, focus, and well-being.
2. Technology, Information Technology and Telecommunications
Circuit Meter Inc. Designers and installers of custom energy metering systems for commercial
The individual: President and CEO, Dan Seto.
The achievement: Taking steps to become energy efficient is one thing — understanding the
specific effects of these steps on energy consumption and the financial bottom line is another.
Circuit Meter Inc. produces affordable metering systems for commercial buildings, so that
everyone understands the impacts of efficiency measures.
3. Retail, Packaged Goods
Atlantic Lottery – the lottery corporation for all four Atlantic provinces.
The team: CSR Manager, Kim Wilson, and CSR Advisor Jackie Leonard-Janes.
The achievement: Atlantic Lottery considers corporate social responsibility one of its core
values. To this end, it has launched an online certification program for its employees in order to foster a more robust culture of corporate social responsibility.
4. Manufacturing
Catalyst Paper Corporation – a paper company with a 100-year-plus history moving into the
twenty-first century.
The individual: Manager of Corporate Communications, Karen Shum.
The achievement: Transitioning from a successful paper company of the past to a green paper
company of the future is not always without its troubles. After a successful financial restructuring, Catalyst Paper Corporation reshaped its internal culture to ensure that its employee culture would be as sustainable as its paper products.
5. Professional Services and Consultants
PwC – One of the world’s largest professional services companies.
The individual: Director of Corporate Responsibility, James Temple.
The achievement: PwC is a company that values Global Corporate Responsibility. In 2012, it
placed employee engagement with corporate responsibility to the fore. Its new strategy outlines
behaviours, tactics and assessment mechanisms to ensure that PwC is the global leader in this
6. Building, Design and Development
TAS – Toronto-based developers of mixed-use buildings.
The team: President and CEO, Mazyar Mortazavi and team Ali Saneinejad, Stephen Hutchinson,
Brandon Donnelly, Richelle Sibolboro, Emma Point, Jake Garrett, and Brian Rice.
The achievement: Beyond its work as a developer of mixed-use buildings, Toronto firm TAS
sees itself as an “entrepreneur of the public good.” This vision is embodied in its “Shaping
Beautiful Cities” mandate. Building to improve the social, cultural, economic, and ecological
fabric of a neighbourhood means that the cities of the future will be richer and vibrant


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